Sweden: Syrian refugee jailed for mass executions

The Muslim Issue

The Court papers name the defendant as Haisam Omar Sakhanh.  from the website:

Look how the lame Swedish left-wing socialists refuse to publish his name.



Mass execution in Syria is assessed to be a serious crime against the law of nations and results in life imprisonment

[2017-02-16] Stockholms tingsrättStockholms tingsrätt

Stockholm District Court has today sentenced a 46 year old Syrian citizen for participation in a mass execution of seven people that took place in the Idlib province in Northwestern Syria in May 2012. The Defendant has been a member of the Islamist armed group the Suleiman Company (Firqat Suleiman el-Muqatila) and has shot a person with an assault rifle. The Defendant’s objection, that the execution was carried out by order and related to the enforcement of an adjudicated death sentence by a legitimate court following a fair trial, has not been accepted. The actions that have…

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