America’s New Civil (Cold) War 

As I look out on America, and try to understand what the hell is the matter with us, I see a completely divided Country. The past fifty years of Liberalism have split us nearly down the middle. We are torn apart from each other more and more. I believe that as a Country and a people we are fully into a “civil cold war”.

There is usually nothing good that comes from war. OK, independence maybe. The removal of a Dictator, sure. Ours was about ending slavery, pure and simple. Sadly, what I see is America in a civil war with itself AGAIN. It isn’t about slavery per se, but slavery is at the heart of it once again. It isn’t North vs. South. It isn’t Black vs. White. America’s new civil war is about big government socialism and wealth redistribution versus independence. Nanny government versus freedom. Pick a side and let’s get going.

There have always been people who don’t want to work for the things they desire. There have always been lazy people who are happy to leech or even steal from others. There will always be those who will use whatever smarts and energy they have to “game the system” for benefits and “freebies”. The difference is that our leaders have made it policy to take wealth from working folks and give it to losers who don’t deserve it…. in return for votes.

Well I have had enough of the Left’s vision for America. So has at least half of the Country. Pick a side. Let’s have this fight. Like any Civil War there will be families torn apart-brother against brother, mother against son and so on. That’s ok with me if the result is sending the Left packing. When someone says to me “if it weren’t for the Democrats we wouldn’t have half the things we have” she means SNAP, WIC, EBT, taxpayer funded abortions, “Obama phones”, maybe amnesty for law breaking illegals. How about free everything for all those illegals so they can stay and continue to bleed the system and not bother to learn English. How about a taxpayer funded sex change for a convicted killer? How about our whacked education system training (brainwashing) our kids about how great it is to be homosexual or trans gender while pushing redistribution and warning kids not to even think about biting a sandwich into the shape of a gun

I am on the side of working Americans who want government smaller, taxes lower, most safety nets ended, the border secured, the Constitution adhered to and our freedoms left the hell alone. If you are for the opposite then I ain’t with you! I will never be with you. I am ready for a fight and I want freedom back. There are those in my own family and circle of friends that will fight on the other side. That’s the way it is. I won’t stop fighting just to save those relationships. There are so many citizens completely ignorant of what is going on in Washington. They won’t educate themselves yet have all kinds of opinions. They like their “free crap” whatever it is, and move through their days with blinders on. They are blissfully ignorant of the harm they are doing to all of us. I resent their stupidity. I resent their complacency. I resent them living here. There are Socialist countries…go there.

I believe it is time to turn away from the idiots who reside on the Left in America. Laugh at them. Mock them. Ridicule them. Shun them. Treat them like they treat Conservatives. I’m not politically correct. PC people are just wimps hiding behind their Momma’s skirt. They have opinions but you won’t hear them. They go along to get along. Not me. And there’s no getting along in a Civil War.

I have reached a point at which I don’t give a damn what anyone on the Left has to say. They cannot be honest about the failings of Liberalism including the rise in poverty, abortions, crime, debt etc. At the same time they ignore the loss of basic freedoms and rights we used to enjoy, and they piss all over the Constitution.

For me, it’s Civil War in America time. The Liberal Left vs. the Conservative Right. Big Government vs. Individual Freedom. Pick a side folks. I want all Conservatives to stop being so nice to Liberals. We’ve let them walk all over us, our kids, our cities, our freedoms, our wallets, our dignity. I am willing to have this fight at any cost. The Founding Fathers put their lives and fortunes on the line for America. Nobody on the Left would do such a thing. I am on the side of the Founders and the Constitution. If you’re not, you’re not with me. It’s time to pick a side. Family or friend or stranger it doesn’t matter to me. I see what Liberalism is. I see the harm it has done to America. I see our disgusting President using it to buy current and future elections for Democrats who will just keep on adding to our debt to keep themselves in office.

This Civil War, in the end, is about slavery. Let’s swing back to Agenda 21, Liberalism, and redistribution of wealth. In the end, we have no freedoms. We work only for what the State says we work for. We live where we’re told to. We eat what we’re told to. We travel when “allowed”. It’s all about the collective. Agenda 21 calls it “Communitarianism”. I call it a Civil War rallying cry.

I also call on Conservatives to vote out the RHINOs and vote in Conservatives. The Republican Party needs to find it’s true self and stop sliding into the Left’s ooze. No more going along to get along. We are running out of time.

Please check out this article By Skip Coryell

Source: America’s New Civil (Cold) War – Patriot Update


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