Swedish police was forced to conceal 5,000 Muslim crimes in four months under ‘Refugee Code 291’

The Muslim Issue

If anyone wants to accuse TMI for posting “fake news” this is certainly not the right moment. The source for this article, SvD or Svenska Dagbladet, is one of the country’s primary and most respected newspapers.

5,000 crimes were reported from newly arrived at refugee shelters in a short period of four months. Refugee shelter hold new arrivals, waiting to be processed and placed. Sweden’s migration agency claim that in early 2015 as many as 4,000–5,000 asylum seekers came to Sweden each month. This increased in the late summer – from 6,619 in June to 39,196 in October. Nearly 35,000 asylum seekers were already given permanent residence permits in 2015. The majority of new arrivals were still waiting for their permits. So, readers can do the math how enormous the crime numbers were in relation to the volumes of peoples in the shelters for only four months. Just remember to add…

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