Sweden: Retired Police officer openly exposes (Muslim) migrant crime rate – faces criminal investigation

The Muslim Issue

The Swedish police apparently gives more security to a bunch of flower bouquets than to the women, children and elderly in the country.

The police station in Swedish city of Örebro is love-bombed with flower bouquets after police investigator Peter Springare updated his Facebook status with the reality about his profession. His revelations got widespread exposure on social media. He tells us that almost exclusively all of all suspected perpetrators are immigrants, mainly from the Middle East and North Africa. The post sparked a huge debate in the country, and at the same time, Springare got reported to authorities who are now going to investigate whether Springare has committed a crime because he revealed the offenders background.

Sweden’s National Police Commissioner Chief Dan Eliasson warned that Peter Springare must be “extremely cautious” when he highlights the issues of ethnicity.

Why? Has truth become a crime in Scandinavia? We thought they were known to be truthful people. Guess…

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