Obama’s Black Flag Army

Liberals Backwards Think

black-flagLeftists say Trump is suppressing free speech with rioters and threats.

From the Black Flag of Muhammad to the Skull & Crossbones of pirates to Hitler’s Black Shirts and now liberal Democrat’s black mask activists.  Anarchists, Socialists, Islamists, Nazis, Communists, Fascists, Liberals, Progressives, Imperialists, Democrats; they’re all the same people – Leftist America-hating Radical Terrorists: LEFTARTS

President Trump says he will deny federal funds to universities who allow student riots.  Leftists condemn this as anti-teaching, anti-learning, anti-education, and anti-American.  They ignore the fact that Obama denied funds to colleges that refused to abide by his personal law to allow men into women’s bathrooms.  What is American about teaching students to hate America and commit violence to silence free speech?  That’s not American, that’s Nazism!

berkeley-black-mask-activistsTrump – no free speech, no federal funds

Leftists demand the right to riot as a form of free speech.  They then turn about and say…

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