Make America Great vs. Hope and Change

Liberals Backwards Think


Trump is a dynamo, Obama is a milksop.  Where Obama managed America’s decline, Trump is already re-energizing the American economy.  Liberals do not realize they are wrong on every subject and policy.  Trump’s Carrier success is the first of a thousand steps.

Right now, Barack Hussein Obama is working overtime to sabotage Trump before leaving office.  If he can’t find a way to impose Martial Law and nullify the election, he’s going to take action to make certain Trump is not able to roll back all of the executive orders, Democrat regulations, and liberal policies that have hobbled America for the last ten years.  Don’t be dismayed by the leftart media falling all over themselves because Trump is saying he would seek Obama’s advice, wouldn’t prosecute Hillary, and not roll back the global warming policies of Democrats.  He is just blowing smoke up Obama’s arse to try to limit the…

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