Veterans Looking For Work. So Why Not Hire One? 

Most everyone has seen at least one article discussing veterans looking for work. One, for example, is Veterans looking for work, a national priorityIt’s obvious in our present economy that finding work is difficult, especially for veterans. So, why not hire one?

Perhaps a good place to begin is to point out possible reasons that veterans are not being hired. Congratulations on Your Military Service… Now Here Are 9 Reasons Why I Won’t Hire You is a blunt yet informative discussion on the subject. Although the author is not identified, it appears to be written by a professional recruiter. Perhaps this is an in-your-face presentation that veterans would approve.

Lisa Nagorny and Dan Pick wrote in a Veterans Affairs blog an article entitled 5 Reasons Why Employers Are Not Hiring Vets:

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1. Skills translation

2. Skill mismatch.

3. Negative stereotypes

4. Concern about future deployments

5. Acclimation

These were compiled from interviews of “87 individuals from 69 companies” to find out from an employer perspective, why veterans were not being hired. Fortunately, they also discuss how to overcome these reasons as well as provide resources to assist veterans in finding employment.

Now on the flip side, the Military Times printed on Novermber 7, 2016, a list of 70 military and veteran job fairs being held across the U.S. from now through January.

And, finally, here a some links that will assist veterans and active duty military-members in finding employment.

USA Jobs

VA for Vets

Hire Veterans

Vet Jobs

Military Hire

Feds Hire Vets

Veterans Jobs

And last is the

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation whose Hiring Our Heroes program is a nationwide initiative to help veterans, transitioning service members, and military spouses find meaningful employment opportunities.

Good luck to all y’all!

Source: Veterans Looking For Work. So Why Not Hire One? ⋆ Freedom Daily


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