Why Hillary Clinton Lost: An Election Post-Mortem 

Election 2016: The people have spoken on election day and rendered a clear verdict: Hillary Clinton will not become the 45th person to serve as president of the United States, nor will she be the first woman president. Donald Trump won.

How did Hillary go from being a sure-thing to being upset by a political neophyte despite all the advantages of her connections, party, organization, money and just about everything else?

Virtually every poll had her cruising to victory — virtually every poll, of course, except IBD/TIPP, which had Trump winning by two percentage points.

As with all unexpected losses, there will be self-examination, recriminations and a lot of what-ifs. We will be anxious to see in the opening days of her administration just which way she will go — towards confrontation, or towards conciliation.

Start with President Obama, who is now concluding his eighth year in office.

He signed ObamaCare into law without bothering to get even one Republican vote. He almost entirely ignored GOP input on the Dodd-Frank bill that he signed into law — and it’s now blamed by many prominent economists for the worst recovery since the Great Depression.

Even after losing control of Congress in 2012, Obama chose not to work with Republicans, despite his comments to the contrary. Instead, he issued edicts, executive orders that enabled him to act in some cases like a petty dictator without consulting Congress at all.

He had counted on a Hillary win, which would in effect be a continuation of the Obama administration. Now, if Trump is as politically astute as he appears to be, much of what Obama built will be torn down.

The typical pattern for a Democratic candidate in a presidential election is to run to the left in the primaries, then move toward the center in the main campaign. Hillary reversed that — and alienated millions of potential voters by doing so.

She talked about tax hikes, about a war on coal and other forms of cheap energy, about a complete government takeover of health care, about further regulating the financial system, and about making the top 1% “pay their fair share.” She promised to hit the American industrial economy hard with new rules to halt the hypothetical evils of climate change.

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