Woman Trump supporter attacked at polling center in Jupiter 

Jupiter Police are asking for peace at the polls after a violent dispute at a polling location between a Trump supporter and a Clinton supporter.

Donna Ctatlici says she was attacked while handing out pamphlets in support of Donald Trump when she says a man, a Hillary Clinton supporter, walked by and exchanged a few words with her.


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She said that’s when he charged at her and cursed at her. She says when she threatened to use her pepper spray, the man kept walking and went inside.

But she says the conflict escalated again when he came back out.

“He walked past me and then turned around and came charging at me and he just put his hand on my shoulder,” said Ctatlici.

The woman told the man she was going to spray him. She said he got into her face and started screaming.

“Then he threw me down and started punching me,” said Ctatlici.

Ctatlici then used her pepper spray. She tells us she suffered a few minor wounds and plans to press charges.

Police just left the scene after taking the man’s statement, but didn’t make any arrests. They are hoping not to see anymore incidents like this at polling locations.

Source: Woman attacked at polling center in Jupiter | WPEC


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