“Give Me Liberty… or Give Me Death!” 

Our great Republic is fighting for its life and (liberty -freedom are on life support)!

I will be proudly voting tomorrow for the candidate- non politician non lawyer who has promised to restore our Republic and to restore our economy- borders and to restore law and order and the rule of law.

I will not be voting for the corrupt/career politician highly educated lawyer- BIG governement,Open market and Open border advocate. I will not be supporting the CLINTON political machine and their self enriching-self serving CLINTON global foundation either.

I will be supporting the candidate who will protect-defend and celebrate that “glorious Liberty document” the Constitution and the freedom loving limited government advocate- I will

be proudly casting my ballot for Trump-Pence to preserve our great country the United States Of America.

Trump-Pence will make America great again and will restore our Republuc to keep the American Dream alive for all freedom loving Americans.

My favorite political quote is from Founding father-President Thomas Jefferson who said:

” ACTION will define YOU”!

Yes-highly educated lawyer HILLARY Rodham Clinton: Your ACTIONS have defined YOU:





Russian reset


$6 Billion missing at State dept.


Private server

Clinton global fund- Pay to Play

Yes-Patrick Henry would today be saying again “give me liberty or give me death” and would be voting to retire-end the corrupt CLINTON political machine.

God bless America….

Source: “Give Me Liberty… or Give Me Death!” | iPatriot


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