Trump and Pence Send Video Messages to the Nation’s Churches

The Trump campaign is going all out to reach evangelicals by sending video messages from Donald Trump and his Vice-Presidential pick Mike Pence to churches across the nation for viewing on this Sunday, the last before the election on Nov. 7th.

Trump’s 30-second taped message warns Christians that they are under attack in America and across the world and claims that his opponent Hillary Clinton will make the situation worse.

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“This election will decide the future of life, liberty and faith in America. A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for tax-payer funded abortion on demand, a vote for a liberal Supreme Court for the next generation, a vote for new attacks on religious liberty,” he says in the message.

Trump pledged to protect life, liberty and faith.

In his video, Pence tells America’s Christians to “bow the head and bend the knee” in prayer to God.

Pence starts the video assuring America’s Christians that his faith always comes first.

“‘I’m a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican in that order,” he says.  Pence says he joined running mate Donald Trump in the presidential race because “we stand at a turning point” when people of faith, lovers of liberty, and protectors of life must “step forward and heed the call to action.”

He promised  American Christians that a Trump administration will protect what people of faith care about: life and the Constitution.

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