The Captain’s Journal » Open Letter To The Department Of Justice, The Federal Bureau Of Investigation And The NYPD


So much for the whispers about the good people at the FBI and the NYPD finally speaking out for justice and upholding the law, the sanctity of their oaths, how seriously they take it, and all of that other claptrap.  You’ve heard the whispers in the great unwashed land where the metro doesn’t run, haven’t you?

Your cowardly leader, Mr. Comey, has stated that they did the impossible, reading more than half a million emails in eight days.  Nothing to see here, move along folks.  Perhaps he’s thinking that this will all go away and he can salvage some sort of life after this.  Or that you can.

He can’t, and you can’t.  You see, little children have been abused, their lives are at stake, their souls cry out for protection and justice.  These words will weigh heavily on you.

But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea (Matt 18:6, KJV).

You know what’s been going on.  We all do.  Children have been kidnapped, they are held against their will, and they have been sexually abused by the forces of darkness.  You have a mountain of evidence of it, and you know it to be true.

But you won’t just continue with your lives after this is over.  Oh, I know that there is still some good will out there.

Dear FBI Employees: we know that this isn’t your fault.  You found “overwhelming evidence” of corruption, enough to press many charges, yet Obama forced your corrupt bosses to let her go.  Now is your opportunity to step up and go public with the true story.  The future of America is at stake.

But see, I think it is your fault.  You are complicit if you do nothing, and the lawyers at the DoJ are officers of the court.  They should be aggressively pursuing justice.  But justice won’t come in time for those little boys and girls who scream by day and cry by night.  And what remains of the little bit of good will out there for you will evaporate overnight.

It only gets darker from here on.  You will never forget these things.  You won’t be able to shake them.  You won’t be able to look people in the eye again, you won’t be able to trust even your own spouse, because you know oaths and vows mean nothing if yours doesn’t.  You will run from shadows, fear the night, and dread the day.

God will turn you over to the evil one, and demons will terrorize your sleep while you hear the screams and cries of the little ones during the day.  You will raise coffee to your lips trying to shake the fitful sleep, and you will forget that you have a cup in your hand.

Your family will not prosper to the third and fourth generations, and evil will be upon your world.  You may as well inscribe Ichabod on your doorposts, because you will rue the day you were born.

Source: The Captain’s Journal » Open Letter To The Department Of Justice, The Federal Bureau Of Investigation And The NYPD


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