Franklin Graham: Court Should Be Supreme in Voters’ Minds

Rev. Franklin Graham talked about faith and the voting booth on Saturday morning on Fox News, ahead of the election on Tuesday.

He says that ‘the only hope for America is God’ and that those who are choosing not to vote, ‘are wrong.’

Graham has not publicly endorsed anyone in the election, but is calling it the most important election of America’s lifetime.

“There is so much at stake right now when you look at our country. We have great threats outside of our country, we’ve seen corruption at every level in Washington and its in both parties,” he said.

“Something’s gotta change, otherwise if we continue as we’ve been going, I don’t see how America is going to be able to make it.” he said.

Graham went to all 50 state capitols in the United States this year, to help hold prayer rallies on the state capitol steps, asking people to pray.

He has been urging Christians to go to the polls, and to pray before casting their ballot.

Graham also says that those who are not voting, ‘are wrong.’

“In the Bible we see that Paul was arrested and he used his rights as a Roman citizen to appeal to Caesar.”

Graham added that God uses certain people to make a change and that the Christian voice needs to be heard in America because ‘we are losing our rights as a nation.’

He also said that voters should be focused on the Supreme Court before heading to the polls to vote.

“The Supreme Court, that is what’s so important, because the next president in February is going to nominate a justice to the bench. We have to really think about who we want to be on that bench,” Graham said.

He added that Donald Trump has announced a list of conservative justices he would appoint, but Hillary has not released her list of possible nominees thus far.

“Hillary Clinton won’t give us the names of who she is going to put on, but she has also given us the kinds of people that she’s looking for. Donald Trump has given a list of very first class justices that he would recommend for the bench,” he said.

Graham also challenged voters to think about the candidate they trust more when it comes to choosing people for the Supreme Court.

“I would recommend strongly as you go to the polls who do you trust best, Hillary Clinton? Then vote for her. If you trust Donald Trump to put the right man on there or the right woman on the bench then you vote for him, but this election comes down to the Supreme Court.”

Source: Franklin Graham: Court Should Be Supreme in Voters’ Minds |


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