Crossing The Rubicon of Corruption 

If you believe that this election is legitimate and the media
is doing a fair and honest job showing the pro’s and con’s of
all presidential candidates then here is an article that is more
your speed.

Run along, you are not allowed to read any further. We don’t
need a link as weak as yourself in this chain. If you are unable
to detect propaganda at this level then I truly feel sorry for
you. Life must be a difficult struggle and you are quite
possibly one of the few who will be better off under a Clinton
presidency. Good luck in life and may your EBT card never

Now then, when I was fifteen years old I was fortunate to
stumble across an important word that would shape my outlook on
life in a positive and beneficial way. As part of punishment for
a long forgotten shenanigan, I was sentenced to copy a page out
of the enormous dictionary in the corner of the classroom at my
school. Fate had me turn to the P’s or possibly I manipulated
the page selection just to include the definition and a few
synonyms of the word penis. Good times.

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