A Convention of States: The Only Way To Beat The Federal Government?

It’s called an Article V Convention of States.

The process is laid out right in Article V of the Constitution, and it gives the states the power to convene and propose amendments to the Constitution which would have to be ratified to take effect. This isn’t a new idea; it’s been in the Constitution from day one. Our Constitution has been amended twenty-seven times but always by the other method – Congress writing the amendments and the states ratifying them.

A Convention of the States allows us, the citizens, to bypass the federal government all together and amend the Constitution for the explicit purpose of removing power from the federal leviathan and returning us to a more suitable system of federalism. In other words, we don’t need their permission. What can we do? That is what we can do.
I understand everyone posting comments like “we need to impose term limits and get spending under control, etc etc” because, well, they’re right. We do need to do those things. But it’s not happening, is it? Our problems are getting worse, not better, and it won’t be long before the federal government has grown so large and so corrupt that we have no longer have any influence over them.

Our biggest problem as Constitutional conservatives is relying on a presidential election to deliver our agenda. Why, as believers in limited government, federalism, and the Constitution, do we rely on the election of a single person every four years? It’s fundamentally contrary to our entire beliefs. If we don’t get our candidate into that one office, it’s “oh well, try again next time” and we take to the internet in droves to tell each other some more about how we need term limits and a flat tax. That’s never going to work and we’ll keep losing.

An Article V Convention of States project could easily happen before the end of the next President’s term, whoever it may be. We don’t need to win any Electoral College map. We don’t need a majority of the country to make it happen. It’s a real solution. What sort of amendments could such a convention produce?

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