The Obama-Hillary Administration Was Running A United States Islamic Caliphate & Not A United States Of America

By Walid Shoebat

Was the Obama-Hillary administration running a United Caliphate or an American United States? Only 56 of the 11,000 Syrian refugees brought into the U.S. this year are Christians. This sparked the American Center for Law and Justice to demand the Obama administration provide documentation showing what it’s doing to help Christians suffering persecution. And snooping into Hillary’s emails from Wikileaks reveals Muslims got special privileges.

A scant 1 percent of all admitted refugees are religious minorities (Christians) seeking asylum would mean that 10,944 who entered the U.S. this year alone from Syria are Muslim.

It figures, and it shows how Muslim favoritism POTUS Obama and Hillary played when examining Wikileaks. One can easily search “Christian” (a miserable 3 pages of links worth mostly complaining about getting along with Muslims) or “Muslim” (17 pages of links worth) from Hillary’s emails. One can see how they bend backwards to kiss the Caliph’s turban.

Just touch the leaked emails and it oozes with more concerns for Muslims. One exchange between Hillary and her Muslim aide, Huma Abedin regarding a meeting with POTUS Obama to let her secretary Hillary know:

Wanted to let you [Hillary] know I decided to go to dc for the wh [White House] iftar tonite and big unga meeting tomorrow morning.

Hillary of course does not know how to even spell Iftar (spelling it Iftar), responds favorably to her princess Jasmine (Huma):

Ok. Thx. Enjoy the Itfar. See you in DC.

Clinton here had to be more like Huma’s secretary instead of Secretary of State. The message from ‘President’ (or lets say Caliph) Obama was simply less valuable. Huma told Hillary:

wh [White House] is asking if u want to speak with potus tomorrow during the meeting time? Would be 10:20am. Would you like to do a call with him or wait and meet with him in person?

Hillary would rather have Obama wait till next week:

I’ll wait to see him in person next week …

At another important event sent by Caliph Obama, Jake Sullivan sends an email to Hillary which comes from Caliph Obama’s Muslim aide, Rashad Hussain. It too is about Ramadan. Apparently Caliph Obama is sending his grand vizier to Islam’s headquarters in Egypt’s Al-Azhar accompanied by one of the bravest American Jihadi:

Ambassador Taylor and Jake, I hope you are doing well. Things have come together quickly for a trip to Egypt. Ambassador Patterson and DCM Sievers invited us to visit in Ramadan, August 5-7 … we’ll be traveling with Imam Magid, President of the Islamic Society of North America

Mind you, Imam Mohamed Magid is the Executive Director of ADAMSAll Dulles Area Muslim Society Center) and is now the previous leader of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). He is identified by the U.S. government as a financial support entity for Hamas.

Allahu Akbar. This mattered nothing that Hamas is a designated terrorist organization – and the “nucleus” for the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamic Movement in North America.

Continue Reading: Wikileaks And Courts Reveal: The Obama-Hillary Administration Was Running A United States Islamic Caliphate And Not A United States Of America | Walid Shoebat


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