Media ‘Journalists’ Working for Hillary 

WikiLeaks recently revealed the names of Hillary Clinton campaign operatives who masquerade as news reporters and “journalists” in the mainline media. These individuals were approached early in the campaign by Clinton crony John Podesta and solicited to help reiterate the campaign narrative.

Anyone with the slightest aptitude for critical thinking can easily see their fingerprints in the so-called, news coverage of the 2016 presidential campaign. The people on this list are not even good at what they do. For example, last weekend, no less than 16 media people spun the Clinton narrative the same way, even using the same words.

When asked about the impact the re-opened F.B.I. investigation would have on Clinton’s performance, nearly all of the mainline media hacks said that the scandal was “baked-in” to the polls, “baked into the cake,” or “baked” into the public’s perception of Hillary Clinton as having honesty issues. Even a schoolchild knows enough to rephrase a plagiarized statement in order to cover his crime.

These are the Democrat political hacks that are bringing you unbiased news reports each day and the organizations they represent.

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