Let’s Make The Church Great Again 

Donald Trump showed his marketing genius when he came up with the campaign slogan “Make America Great Again.” It was catchy and it captured the spirit of the average American voter. Many of us remember the “good old days” in the good old U S of A, and we are smart enough to recognize, as my father used to sing as he strummed his guitar, “the old gray mare she ain’t what she used to be.”

Trump is right about one thing. America is not great any more. We simply think that we are.

Oh we still have a lot of power and influence in the world, but we are far from great. We are perhaps the most immoral nation in the world. In fact, we are so immoral that we are doing our best to export our immorality around the globe.

Hillary is running on a program that not only promotes the slaughter of unborn children but has shown a strong desire to use the United Nations to spread infanticide worldwide. Isn’t this the woman who, along with her deviant husband, once declared that she wanted to make abortion, “safe, legal, and rare?”

The promotion of immoral behavior has become America’s greatest export. Licentiousness has replaced liberty. With liberty comes responsibility, while licentiousness is liberty without consequences. The greatness of America was that we once taught our children that real liberty was not doing whatever one wanted but rather choosing to do what was right.

Today in America right and wrong has become nothing more than an opinion. Without an unchanging standard everyone will do “whatever is right in their own eyes.” Until we return to the solid rock of Truth our foundations will continue to crumble and no political leader or government program will ever Make America Great Again.

Donald Trump cannot Make America Great Again. Only a return to Christ and His unchanging standards can do that job.

It is time to Make The Church Great Again.

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