Why Liberals Should Not Even Vote For Hillary 

If you’re a liberal, this election ought to be an easy choice between a billionaire Republican and the first woman ever nominated to the top spot of a national party ticket.

Yet there’s something not quite right isn’t there?

If you think so, you’re not alone.

Over 13 million people voted against Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries, roughly 43%, a substantial number considering the advantages Clinton possessed.  Amongst party activists who participated in caucuses, Hillary’s share was less than 40%.

Continue Here some things a liberal should consider before “falling into line” for Hillary: http://thehayride.com/2016/11/bayham-why-liberals-should-not-vote-for-hillary/#ixzz4Ox9W9Dv0

Source: BAYHAM: Why Liberals Should Not Vote For Hillary | The Hayride


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