UK: Muslim spit on Journalist in small town turned fully Islamic, ‘You shouldn’t be here. Don’t come back’

The Muslim Issue

One mufti in Savile Town, Yorkshire, says, ‘If Mohammed did not do it, we don’t do it.’ And that sentence explains exactly why Muslims have been terrorising the whole world for 14 centuries. Mohammed enslaved, so they enslave. Mohammed raped, so they rape. Mohammed murdered and invaded and looted – so they murder, invade and loot. And they never stop because no one ever stops them from continuing their terror, from banning Islam, or from stopping them multiplying and continuing.

Extremism is flourishing in Britain today solely due to the involvement and activities of left-wingers who allowed it to happen, blocking anyone from stopping this dangerous development. Not only is Savile Town now a fully Islamic town – and Islamic country within England – but it is also clearly visibly dedicated to extremism. Every mosque will be a source for jihad.

Just look at the clothes… It reminds us of…

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