Mainstream Media Blind to Hillary’s Warmongering  #draftourdaughters #draftourwifes

A series of hashtags and accompanying fake campaign posters highlighting Hillary Clinton’s bellicose tendencies went viral on social media last week after she announced her support for extending the draft to women.

The fake ads show female soldiers or families and contain messages such as “Hillary will keep our family safe. I will do my part. Pre-register for the draft today,” designed to highlight Clinton’s support for drafting women and her desired conflict with Russia. The subversive ads include hashtags like #draftourdaughters, #draftourwifes, and #noflyzone.

Were one to rely solely on the mainstream liberal media, one would think the greatest current threat to world peace is Donald Trump’s vulgarity.

One would think — given current geopolitical realities — that U.S.-Russian relations would be the central and driving question of this campaign. NATO is currently undergoing its largest military buildup since the Cold War, and both Russian and U.S. military commanders have threatened to fire on the opposing country’s forces in the face of aggression in Syria.

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