Will #DraftOurDaughters Bring Hillary Down?

October has been a portentous month for the presidential campaign. In the beginning of the month women came forward accusing Trump of unwelcome advances. Later, FBI Director James Comey re-opened the criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton after finding more government emails on pervert Anthony Weiner’s computer. But the most important event may be a meme campaign that highlights Hillary’s support forcing women to register for the selective service.

The meme campaign consisted of dozens of fake ads posted under the #DraftOurDaughters hashtag that highlight two very important policy points of the Hillary campaign: First, Hillary is a radical feminist. Thus she favors equality in all things—that includes equality in combat. As a step in that direction, Hillary told the Huffington Post that she will support legislation to register for the draft.

Young women may think registering for the draft is not a big deal. They should reconsider because of the second policy of the Clinton campaign: She will almost certainly start a war against Russia—a war that will see those young women drafted into combat on the front lines.

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