MORE blood on her hands… 

We recently shared here the astonishing and absurd story about a British woman who thought she had a 12-year-old foster kid from Afghanistan — who turned out to be a 21-year-old Islamic jihadi, Taliban flavor.

How many “Syrian refugees” have been discovered to be jihadists in Europe? The most recent story we shared was about the chap in Leipzig, Germany who was making bombs. And don’t get me started on the consequences of the Somali refugee flood now rampant in Minnesota with grave results for the United States…like nine people stabbed in a mall in St. Cloud. But Obama has celebrated his tens of thousands of Syrian refugees by wanting hundreds of thousands — along with Hillary Clinton. There are communities like Amarillo, Texas being overrun. But I have a question for Obama and Hillary Clinton: what about the Middle Eastern Christians who you both allowed to be savaged by your hand in enabling the creation of the Islamic State?

Remember, prior to ISIS, there had always been Christians and church bells that rang out in Mosul…not anymore. And it appears that may be the case forever.

Continue Reading: MORE blood on her hands… – Allen B. West –


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