‘Dirty’ Donna Brazile is the kind of political filth we need to eradicate from Washington DC

Dirty Donna Brazile. Political filth on display. The stench of dirty democrat tactics has now reached a new, nauseating milestone in America with the revelation that “Dirty” Donna Brazile, a DNC operative working for Clinton, smuggled debate questions out of CNN and handed them over to the Clinton camp before the debates ever took place so that Hillary Clinton could CHEAT.

Yes, Hillary Clinton CHEATED in the debates. As I’ve said all along, they were 100% rigged by CNN, the “Clinton News Network,” which now functions as the propaganda front of the criminal Clinton cartel seeking to steal power by crushing the very concept of open, fair and free elections in America.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/055848_Donna_Brazile_cheating_democrats_racketeering.html#ixzz4Ol5Wzd49



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