Democrats are extreme bullies who contradict ‘tolerance’ 

Mike Adams the Health Ranger, founder and editor of Natural News, and Scott Adams, creator of the popular “Dilbert” comic strip, may not be related, but they do share the same opinion about people who identify as Democrats.

Quite simply put, the party of “inclusion” and “fairness” and “equality” is really just the “party of bullies.”

As noted by the Dilbert creator in recent blog post entitled, “The Bully Party,” there are a number of common character traits and behaviors that bind Democratic supporters together:

— If you have a sign on your lawn supporting Donald Trump and Mike Pence, they’ll very often steal or deface it.

— If you have a Trump sticker on your car, they’ll deface your vehicle.

— If you dare speak out at work that you’re a Trump supporter, you may just get fired.

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