India: 20,000 Muslims attack small Hindu village in the middle of the night – media is silent

The Muslim Issue

20,000 muslim savages rip Hindu village apart during their festival and go on a killing rampage, and the Indian media cannot be ‘bothered’ to report on it? Unreal. Of course, the muslims have to superimpose themselves on the village at night, during the Hindu festival, so they can create violence and discord. What else have they done for the past 1,400 years?



20,000 Jihadis attacked village Kaligram in Malda, West Bengal, Lives at stake

Posted on October 19, 2016
by WHN Reporter

Here is a summary of what has happened in my Village Kaligram, Malda,West Bengal – 732126. It’s written in a hurry to get media coverage of the horrific riot that Muslims did in Kaligram, Malda. This Village(PIN code – 732126) is around 75 Kms from Malda Town.

As, usual Durga Puja was organized this year with proper permission from all Administrative bodies in Kaligram, Malda. When…

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