Huma in exile and facing jail: to meet FBI as she pleads ignorance over Weiner’s emails 

Huma Abedin’s lawyers are set to meet with the Justice Department and FBI to discuss the emails found on her sexting husband Anthony Weiner’s laptop – two days after the FBI dramatically announced it had reopened the investigation into Hillary‘s handling of classified material.

Questions are mounting over right-hand woman Abedin’s future on the Clinton campaign as she was pictured in New York today at campaign HQ while her boss was in Florida.

She has reportedly pleaded ignorance about how the emails ended up on her husband Weiner’s laptop – and were subsequently found by FBI agents after exposed him sexting a 15-year-old girl.

The scandal leaves the Clinton campaign facing disaster after FBI director James Comey announced their discovery had led him to reopen the investigation into Clinton with 11 days until the election.

The latest ABC News/Washington Post tracking poll taken after Comey’s announcement shows Trump is just one point behind Clinton, with 45 percent support to her 46 percent.

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