Who’s the winner on November 9th boils down to ONE thing

As I travel, I meet lots of folks in airports and elsewhere who confide in me that we’re “Facebook friends.” It’s so deeply humbling. Many ask if I ever read the comments. I’ll be honest, not often, but sometimes I take a survey of sentiment depending on a story. What I have noticed is there are more than a few who are despondent and believe nothing can be done to reverse our nation’s course. And then there are those who want to see our military rise up and arrest these corrupt and criminal individuals. And then there are the progressive trolls – spare me your illogical ranting about the lack of criminal behavior on the part of Hillary Clinton and her litany of disciples. If any of us were to commit a fraction of these actions, we would be charged and certainly incarcerated. Just do a simple comparison of the Hillary Clinton private email server case and her use of that insecure means to transmit classified information to that of US Marine Corps Major Jason Brezler…I rest my case.

But, somewhere in between the responses, there lies the true solution for what we’re witnessing in our America, which is the arrogance of officialdom.

I voted yesterday here in Dallas and made what I believe to be the best response to the evident corruption that has overtaken our system of governance. Yes, there is no doubt that there have been criminal actions and disregard of our rule of law. I will no longer accept an excuse of incompetence and ineptness as to where we find our economic situation in America — it is purposeful.

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