Make America Muslim, Vote for Hillary 

Sharifa Alkhateeb was a friend of Huma Abedin’s and Hillary Clinton’s but she died of cancer in 2004. She referred to herself as a feminist and was an advocate for establishing Muslim culture in America and making America Muslim. She encouraged other Muslims to have patience setting up “our own Islam systems” and to think of all Americans as potential Muslims.

An active member of the Muslim Students Association in the 1960s, she last served as president of the North American Council for Muslim Women in northern Virginia. Both organizations are tied to Hamas.

She was a loud voice immediately after 9/11, claiming the Islamic communities were scared of phantom Islamophobes. She said they were all “very scared” but stats don’t lend credence to her fears..

She worked with US Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton to allegedly forge ties with other religious communities. She was also a friend of Huma Abedin’s.

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