Christians Like USMC Sterling Purged from U.S. Military

The Democrat–oops, I mean Soviet–purge trials: where we’re headed

I would like to ignore this story, but I can’t. All I could do was to monitor my blood pressure before writing this report.

Be prepared to get very angry.

This summer, kind of lost in the shuffle of politics, a military appeals court upheld the bad conduct discharge of U.S. Marine Monifa Sterling, former corporal busted to private, now unemployed, with a bad conduct discharge following her everywhere she goes – all of which is her punishment for displaying a Bible verse at her work station and refusing to remove it when ordered to do so by a sergeant.

Okay, blatantly disobeying an order is not something you want to encourage in your military. But this is America, and we have a tradition, and also laws, that make it a soldier’s duty to disobey unlawful orders. Sometimes, as in this case, these two imperatives conflict. Cpl. Sterling believed the sergeant had no lawful authority to order her to remove the Bible verse.

The USMC and the military appeals court reasoned–if that’s the word for it–that the verse had to be removed because, if not, then others “would be exposed to biblical quotations in the military workplace.”

Gasp! Oh, horrors! Where does a Marine go, these days, to find a safe space? I mean, enemy fire is one thing, we can handle that–but biblical quotations???

Little pustule Mikey Weinstein, founder of the “Military Religious Freedom Association”–two-minute hypocrisy break–rejoiced in the appeals court’s decision. Little Mikey is the commissar hand-picked by President *Batteries Not Included to purge Christians and Christianity from the U.S. military.

The incident involving Cpl. Sterling was in 2013, and her court martial the following year.

I wonder if they’d kick you out of the Marine Corps for displaying quotations from the pipsqueak in the White House, Chairman Mao, or some transgender activist on your work station.

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