Checkmating Obama

In one of the immortal lines of Godfather 2, mafia boss Michael Corleone discusses the fate of his brother, who betrayed him, with his enforcer.


“I don’t want anything to happen to him while my mother is alive,” Corleone said.


Message received.


The brother was murdered after their mother’s funeral.


Last week it was reported that the Obama administration has delivered a message to the Palestinian Authority. The administration has warned the PA that the US will veto any anti-Israel resolution brought before the UN Security Council before the US presidential elections on November 8.


Message received.


Open season on Israel at the Security Council will commence November 9. The Palestinians are planning appropriately.


Israel needs to plan, too. Israel’s most urgent diplomatic mission today is to develop and implement a strategy that will outflank President Barack Obama in his final eight weeks in power.


Lobbying the administration is pointless. Obama has waited eight years to exact his revenge on Israel for not supporting his hostile, strategically irrational policies. And he has no interest in letting bygones be bygones.


Before turning to what Israel must do, first we need to understand what Israel can do.

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