For God’s Sake, VOTE! (And Ignore The Media)

Stately McDaniel Manor

dewey-defeats-truman-pictureWere one to heed the Lamestream Media—and Fox News can easily be included in this at the moment—Donald Trump is toast. The outcome of the election is not in doubt. Hillary Clinton will be the winner, and she will win easily. The Democrats are morally right, intellectually superior, invincible. All the polls reflect that certainty. Trump and all the deplorables supporting him might as well fold their tents and go home. Don’t even bother to vote; it will avail you nothing. In fact, our media betters knew this a year ago, nay, more than a year ago, and pumped Trump up in the Republican primary race merely for the mean-spirited glee of it, like people pushing a stalled car to the top of a hill so it can roll down the other side into a crowd of senior citizens in wheelchairs.

The media have been absolutely corrupt for decades, but…

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