Trump’s Plan to Drain the Swamp Would Greatly Reduce Corruption in DC

Gettysburg on Saturday, Donald Trump revealed his “Contract with the America Voter,” a plan vowing to “drain the swamp” of corruption in Washington, D.C. A review of the bold proposal by People’s Pundit Daily concludes, if Mr. Trump is elected and enacts the following provisions, it would greatly reduce corruption and special interest influence.While most Americans understand and agree Washington D.C. is a cesspool, most in truth don’t know how it got so out of control. So, before we get into a few targeted details of the actual plan, we have to recognize certain structural changes to the U.S. Constitution, particularly those made in the 20th Century, which have enabled the concentration of power in (literally) and around (literally and figuratively) the federal government.We’ll review the proposals and why they would be effective and necessary, providing historical context.

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