The Main Stream Media’s Rigged Presidential Polls Reflect Its Makers: Fat, Drunk & Stupid

If you don’t trust NBC News or The Washington Post as reliable news sources, why would you trust their political polling?If they can’t report even simple facts, like John Podesta’s emails released by Wikileaks, absent a huge bias gap what makes them any more prepared to report more complex issues like the intricacies of political polling?Reporters who work for Big media are inherently undependable as beacons of objectivity. They graduate at the bottom of their class in school, often drink far too much booze and their personal lives are usually messy, along with their finances. I know many of them. Throw in divorce and drug addiction. Yes, it’s that bad. And their work ethic and lack of integrity only compliment this indictment.When Dean Vernon Wormer from Faber College warned being fat, drunk and stupid was no way to go through life, he wasn’t addressing the journalism students.

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