Race-Baiting Black Lives Matter Hustler Complains When TSA Stops Him At The Airport

A prominent Black Lives Matter activist said Tuesday he was stopped by security at Midway International Airport and missed his flight.

The Transportation Safety Administration, however, contends it had no impact on Deray Mckesson missing his departure, The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting.

Mckesson, a Baltimore man who also is a candidate for mayor in that city, took to Twitter Tuesday morning after the incident to express his frustration with the Transportation Security Administration.

Mckesson said that a TSA agent stopped him because the agent believed he was moving too quickly. The agent also said he was going to call the police.

“I told him that he can call who he needs to call,” Mckesson tweeted. “He then called his supervisor. I missed the flight.”

In an emailed statement Tuesday afternoon, the TSA said: “After reviewing closed circuit TV video and other available information, TSA determined that our officers followed standard procedures and were not responsible for this passenger missing his flight.”

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