Evidence of Rampant Voter Fraud 

Democrats and the liberal media would have you believe that the reports of voter fraud are nothing more than myths perpetrated by Donald Trump and conservative Republicans.

The Brennan Center for Justice website states:

“The Brennan Center’s ongoing examination of voter fraud claims reveal that voter fraud is very rare, voter impersonation is nearly non-existent, and much of the problems associated with alleged fraud in elections relates to unintentional mistakes by voters or election administrators.”

The New Yorker website posted ‘The Voter-Fraud Myth; in November 2012. More recently, FactCheck.org posted ‘Trump’s Bogus Voter Fraud Claims, on October 19, 2016. But how accurate is FactCheck.org, The New Yorker, the Brennan Center for Justice and other liberal media outlets?

Continue Reading==>: Evidence of Rampant Voter Fraud ⋆ The Constitution


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