Clinton Campaign Panicked Over New Polling Data That Confirms Trump Surge 

Early voting results, as well as national polling data in recent days suggest something remarkable might be going on regarding the 2016 presidential race. Donald Trump, so often counted out by the Mainstream Media and political pundit class, appears to not only have solidified his base after weeks of anti-Trump commentary, but is now gaining new voters determined to vote for ,”anyone but Hillary.”

Further deepening the concern within Team Clinton are a myriad of recent internal polling sets which now point to a significant shift among the electorate. This shift is primarily based upon undecided and “new” voters who are said to be overwhelmingly choosing to align themselves with Trump and against Hillary Clinton.


The Democrat Machine is now focusing almost entirely on its significant get out the vote ground game that is spread out across the country. That effort is already underway in early voting states and will intensify up to Election Day.

As for Trump, he will continue to barnstorm the country, often attending multiple rally events in a single day, while targeting millions of advertising in critical battleground states in what is now the final two weeks of the campaign.

It will be the longtime political machine vs a political outsider. Clinton’s army of political operatives vs Trump’s army of supporters.

It wasn’t supposed to be this close, and Team Hillary knows it.

Source: Clinton Campaign Panicked Over New Polling Data That Confirms Trump Surge –


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